Who Are Quicksale

Davy Hutton

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Davy Hutton has unrivalled experience in the property market. Listed in 1999 as one of the country’s top young entrepreneurs Davy has owned a string of award-winning businesses and has appeared in numerous television shows such as Restoration Man, Changing Rooms and Dragons Den. Owner of Law Castle, Davy has an unrivalled knowledge of buying and selling property for profit. Listen to a recent interview with Davy on This Week in Property.

Ashley Wheeler

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Ashley Wheeler has been involved in The Huttons businesses for over 10 years.  She is extremely knowledgeable and very approachable.  Has a young son and manages to perfectly balance a busy home and her full time work position.

Irene Conlan

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Irene Conlin has been involved in Davy Hutton’s businesses for some time and is one of his closest advisors. Extremely popular with clients, she is extremely knowledgeable and business savvy.

Helen Hart

0141 572 9242|0141 572 9242|enquiries@quicksalepropertyauctions.com

Helen Hart will be known to most Glasgow property professionals, as for many years she has been a leading estate agent at the cutting edge of the market. Her manner is extremely calm and her knowledge of the market is both informative and valued by buyers and sellers alike