You may know Davy Hutton from the radio. He’s also prone to a wee video rant, one of which you can see on this page. He’s not hard to spot in a crowd - usually sporting some fancy headwear, eyeliner and what can only be described as a ‘pirate chic’ outfit. Davy always wanted to own a castle as a child. In 2003, he purchased Law Castle in West Kilbride. Before starting Quicksale, he owned the Howwood Inn pub.

Davy set out in the property market to offer an alternative to slick estate agents that were well versed in sales but had little property knowledge. He has now positioned himself as an expert in the industry, partly due to his knowledge of politics, finance, human nature and other factors that affect the industry today. He visits every property himself, in order to ensure that the seller is receiving straight, no frills advice.

Outside of Quicksale, Davy is a trustee and is heavily involved in Finding Your Feet, a charity for amputees set up by his sister after she lost her hands and feet to sepsis in 2013. He is invited to speak at events throughout Scotland.

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